Estimating and calculating distance

Captain Calamity estimates and measures distance and estimates the number of sheep.

Historical measures and the introduction of the metric system (signed)

The metric system and measures used for weight, length and volume from the past.

Maths quiz on measurement and reading scales

A demonstration of how to read scales. Participants take part in a maths challenge quiz.

Measurement - rulers and thermometers

How to use a ruler, and how a thermometer is set out in intervals of tenths of a degree.

Measurement of length (signed)

The measurement of length. Wood is measured for shelving in metres and tenths of a metre.

Measuring large objects

An introduction to the measurement of large things, such as a blue whale.

Measuring length (signed)

How to measure the length of a piece of wood, a python and a football pitch.

Units of measurement used for familiar everyday objects (signed)

The different units of measurement used for familiar everyday objects.

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