How to write a sentence

Sentences help keep our words neat and clear. Learn about the rules of writing sentences.

What are paragraphs?

A number of sentences grouped together is called a paragraph.

How to write command sentences

Command sentences give instructions. Find out how to use them.

How to write statement sentences

Statement sentences tell the reader a fact or idea about a single topic.

What is a pronoun?

Pronouns take the place of nouns in a sentence, examples are 'him' and 'her.'

What is an adverb?

An adverb tells you how something happens, like quickly and slowly.

What are coordinating conjunctions?

Conjunctions are joining words, coordinating conjunctions join groups of words about similar things.

What is an expanded noun phrase?

Expanded noun phrases tell you more about the noun.

What is a fronted adverbial?

What are fronted adverbials? When can you use them to replace adverbials?