Crowded cities - Rio de Janeiro

A favela community leader reflects on the problems of continued migration to Rio.

Employment in Wales

The types of jobs in Wales, the sectors to which they belong and their location.

Greenfield sites: development (pt 2/2 - narration)

An illustration of the different impacts of building on a greenfield site.

How does Wales supply its current energy requirements?

Different ways of generating electricity and the need for renewable energy.

Life in the favela of Rochina

Members of a typical Rocinha family describe their work and their thoughts on favela life.

Mapping crime - Bexley, London

An introduction to the main types of crime, using the Bexley area as an example.

Public transport scheme in Bordeaux

Evaluation of an integrated public transport scheme in Bordeaux in France.

Retail patterns in European cities

How city centres adapted to compete with retail parks and online retailers.

The CBD and its effects on day and nightlife

The different pressures put on cities by activities during the day and during the night.

The contrasts of rich and poor in the city of Rio

A look at Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, and the contrasts there.

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