Restorative justice - the offender's story (pt 2/4)

A burglary from the offender's point of view.

Restorative justice - the police story (pt 3/4)

A burglary from the point of view of the police.

Restorative justice - the victim's story (pt 1/4)

A burglary from the victim's point of view.

Restorative Justice worker

Role of a Restorative Justice worker and interviews with a victim and a young offender.

Social issues - young people from deprived areas

The negative effects of living in a deprived area and its impact.

The Procurator Fiscal (PF)

The role of Procurator Fiscal and what options they use with criminals are outlined.

What are the challenges facing the police?

A look at community police officers in Scotland.

What is restorative justice?

The principle of restorative justice is described.

Who makes our laws?

How laws are made in the UK and Scotland.

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