'Anansi and Turtle' in French

The smell of food leads Turtle to Anansi the spider, who tricks him so he plots revenge.

'Frau Holle' in French

Clara meets Frau Holle who gives her a fabulous golden dress.

'Jason and Medea' in French

Jason and Medea's carelessness causes dangers to the planet.

'Narcissus' in French

Narcissus is the most beautiful man ever but will lose it all if he sees his reflection.

'Not Again Farley!' - Clothes (French)

It's Spud's birthday and she's very disappointed to have just new clothes for presents.

'Not Again Farley!' - Food (French)

The fridge is empty so Farley uses his magic collar to create a restaurant.

'Not Again Farley!' - Pets (French)

Farley decides to help Spud choose a new pet and they consider various animals.

'Not Again Farley!' - School (French)

Spud and Soda don't want to go to school. Farley shows them how much fun it can be.

'Not Again Farley!' - Weather (French)

Spud and Soda want to play in the sunshine but the rain spoils their plans.

'Old MacDonald had a farm' in French

Some French children sing an animal song, 'Old MacDonald', in French