A gymnast on the asymmetric bars

A gymnast shows her moves on the asymmetric bars and describes her routine.

Air resistance

A brief explanation of what air resistance is and how it can be reduced.

Balanced and unbalanced forces

An explanation of the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces.

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Newton's Three Laws of Motion demonstrated using a rocket-powered sledge on an ice rink.

Speed-time graphs and terminal velocity

Speed-time graphs are drawn for a rocket and a skydiver.

Sport scientists help swimming coaches

Sports scientists working together to help swimmers improve efficiency and performance.

Waves - reflection, refraction and diffraction

This clip shows how waves can be either reflections, refractions or diffractions.

What are transverse and longitudinal waves?

The way in which energy is transferred by transverse and longitudinal waves are compared.

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