A torch as a light source

A demonstration of how a source of light is required to see objects in the dark.

Cliffside rescue at night

The use of lights and a rescue dog to assist in a cliffside rescue at night.

Day and night in the world's most northerly city

Vicky Kimm visits the most northerly city in the world.

Experiencing music through sound vibrations

Evelyn Glennie is a deaf percussion player who's learned to use her body to 'hear' sounds.

How distance from a sound source affects how loud it will seem

The further you move away from the source of a sound the quieter it seems to become.

How sound can be perceived by people of different ages

A comparison of how a young person and an older person hear sound.

Introduction to light sources (clip compilation)

A compilation of images showing a variety of light sources, both natural and artificial.


An animation that explores light sources, reflections, shadows and darkness.

Light and shadow (clip compilation)

A montage of images showing everyday examples of light and shadows.

Light sources in your bedroom at night

A boy explores his bedroom at night.

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