How to write a song

Get started with song writing and explore examples from Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Amy Winehouse.

Writing lyrics

Explore writing lyrics and find out how you can capture your ideas into your own song.

Melody writing

Explore writing a tune and find out how melodies are used in popular music.

Bass lines

Explore writing a bass line and find out how different bass lines, such as a walking bass, are put together.

How to rap

Explore rap, rhyme and flow and find out how to write your own original rap song.

Fusion music

Discover fusion music, the pioneering artists and how to make your own fusions.

Composing music for video games

Explore different elements of video game music and make your own.

Composing music for film

Explore how film music is composed and find out how to make your own film composition.

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