The Shang Dynasty 1600-1046BC

The Shang Dynasty ruled part of China between 1600BC and 1046BC. What happened to the dynasty? Why did it end?

What was it like to live in the Shang Dynasty?

How was life in the Shang Dynasty different to today? Who was in charge and who had all the money?

How did the Shang army win battles?

The army during the Shang Dynasty was powerful and well organised. Find out about their weapons, warriors and how they used them to win battles.

Who did the Shang people pray to?

The people of the Shang Dynasty prayed to lots of gods. What might happen if the gods were angry?

What jobs did the Shang people do?

In the Shang Dynasty jobs included jade carvers, bronze workers, craftspeople, priests, soldiers and kings. Which would you like to have been?

Who was Fu Hao?

Fu Hao lived during the Shang Dynasty of ancient China and was the only female head of the army. She was very important and buried with treasures.

What are oracle bones?

Oracle bones are one of the earliest forms of writing, but who made them, what do they say and why were they made?

The Shang Dynasty quiz

Know everything there is to know about the Shang Dynasty? Test your knowledge and see if you can get 100%.