'Narcissus' (animation)

Narcissus is the most beautiful man ever – but will he be able to handle his beauty?

Advertising Brussels sprouts

A Newsround article based around the nation's supposed hatred of Brussels sprouts.

Doctor Who - creating a character

A brief guide to creating a character using the main characters from ‘Doctor Who’.

Doctor Who - settings montage

A montage of scenes from ‘Doctor Who’ set to music, illustrating how they set the scene.

Following instructions - what could go wrong?

Highlighting the importance of listening and following instructions carefully.

How to feed monkeys

How to feed the monkeys, chimps and lemurs at a zoo.

How to write a balanced argument

When writing a balanced argument there should be reasons for and against the topic.

How to write a formal report

A discussion about writing a factual report on kangaroos in a formal way.

Madrid - the buildings, food and Flamenco

In Madrid, three things which everyone must experience are buildings, food and Flamenco.

Make an advert for Brussels sprouts

A history of advertising and the different techniques used to promote products.

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