A modernistic approach to design at London Zoo

Dan Cruickshank showcases the Grade 1 listed London Zoo penguin pool and gorilla home.


A Bitesize guide to aperture settings.

Book cover illustrations

Where do ideas come from? An illustrator discusses the challenges of book cover design.


A Bitesize guide to how branding design sends out messages about the product.


Artist Julie Bennett demonstrates the potential of using different sizes of paint brushes.

Camera types

A Bitesize guide to digital cameras.

Charcoal and graphite

A Bitesize guide to charcoal, graphite sticks and retractable pencils.

Chicken wire

A Bitesize guide to making a sculpture armature from chicken wire.

Coating objects

A Bitesize guide to making sculpture by coating objects in powder.

Colour mixing

A Bitesize guide to mixing paint colours.