A comparison of two Peruvian villages with and without electricity

A comparison of life in two Peruvian villages focusing on electricity provision.

Batteries and their uses

How different sized batteries are used in different appliances.

Circuits, batteries and power sources (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips related to electrical circuits, batteries and other power sources.

Dangers of electricity - the adventures of Electro Mouse (animation)

Electro Mouse saves the day when he protects two mice from the dangers of electricity.


An animation that shows us how to use all kinds of household electrical appliances safely.

Electricity (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips set to background music and based on the theme of electricity.

Electricity produced by generators

How and why houses on Lundy Island get their electricity from an oil generator.

Mains power and the dangers of electricity

How the electricity known as mains power is produced and travels to houses.

The dangers of electricity

The dangers of approaching a powerful source of electricity are demonstrated.

What materials conduct electricity?

How and why some materials are insulators and others are conductors of electricity.

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