Chemical weathering by solution in Upland Limestone Scenery

The deflation of the upland limestone landscape in the Yorkshire Dales.

Coastlines affected by sea level change

The theory of isostasy is illustrated using the example of Stonehaven in Scotland.

Depositional Coastlines

Features formed by longshore drift are explained and illustrated.

Effects of the Earth's changing orbit

How changes to Earth's orbit can contribute to changes in temperature and climate.

Erosional coastlines

The three main processes of erosion are explained and illustrated.

Evidence of glaciation in Scotland

Iain Stewart visits Glen Roy to look at evidence of ice ages.

Formation of carboniferous limestone

The geological formation of carboniferous limestone rock is illustrated.

Glaciated Edinburgh

Iain Stewart looks at evidence of glaciation in Edinburgh.

Gorges and dry valleys

The melting of surface water which led to the creation of dry valleys, cliffs and gorges.

Location of Yorkshire Dales National Park

The Yorkshire Dales National Park and the topic of limestone scenery.

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