Conflicts between land users in Dorset

Tourists vs. locals

  • Increased traffic congestion especially in 'honeypot' areas such as Corfe Castle. This leads to an increase in noise and air pollution. As many as 20,000 visitors can visit Studland beach on a hot day in the summer leading to increased air and noise pollution from vehicles
  • Second home ownership increases causing first time buyers to struggle to get on the property ladder. Services may close as second home owners are not permanent residents
  • Increased footpath erosion due to the number of visitors and visitors veering from set routes and paths
  • Increase in litter especially on the beach which could result in wildlife habitats being destroyed as animals can choke on dropped litter. Increase in litter and fires especially on the beaches, eg Chesil Beach
  • Erosion of sand dunes, eg Studland sand and trampling of vegetation due to boats in harbour and tourists not sticking to designated paths

Tourists vs. tourists

  • Swimmers and sunbathers may be disturbed from the noise of motor boats
  • Anglers eg at Chesil Beach may be disrupted by activities such as water skiing
  • Camp and caravan sites spoil views and could increase sewage in the area

Tourists and locals vs military

  • Noise from military training may disrupt livestock
  • Noise may also spoil the peace and quiet for tourists. Walkers can be denied access to rights of way such as the South West Coast Path during training activities
  • Local and tourist traffic may be delayed by military vehicles
  • Potentially lower property prices as a result

Tourists/locals/farmers vs. quarrying

  • Large lorries travelling to and from the quarries can cause structural damage due to vibrations from the heavily loaded vehicles. This also causes congestion and increase journey times
  • Quarrying can produce large quantities of dust which can settle on plants and crops stunting their growth.
  • The blasting from quarries ruins the peace and quiet of the area and can ruin the experience for tourists