Past experiences

If you want to talk or write about past experiences, you need to be able to use the past tense. Once you know the patterns, you can apply them to lots of different situations, such as discussing holidays, what you did over the weekend or what happened at a particular time in the past.

To begin with, look at these words associated with the past:

ddoe – yesterday

neithiwr – last night

y llynedd – last year

penwythnos diwethaf – last weekend

To say I did something in the past, you generally add -ais to the stem of the verb.

Sometimes, you have to drop the ending of the verb before you add -ais: cerdded > cerddais

Sometimes you add -ais directly onto the verb: darllen > darllenais

Sometimes, you change the verb and add -iais: meddwl > meddyliais


Read the following diary entry and then answer the questions that follow.

Nos Sadwrn

Cerddais i i’r parti yn y ganolfan hamdden heno. Gwelais i Sam a Ceri yno. Siaradais i gyda nhw am ychydig ac yna dawnsiais i a bwytais i. Yna, siaradais i gyda mwy o ffrindiau ... a dawnsiais i eto ... a bwytais i eto. Noson wych - ond dw i wedi blino nawr. Nos da!


Which expression means...?

  1. I walked
  2. I saw
  3. I spoke
  4. I danced
  5. I ate
  1. Cerddais i
  2. Gwelais i
  3. Siaradais i
  4. Dawnsiais i
  5. Bwytais i