Will Guthrie

Will is one year older than Chris.

He falls out with his father and emigrates to Argentina with his sweetheart, Mollie, returning briefly during the war.

Close to Chris

Each confides in the other, and they are often described as touching one another. Chris soothes Will's wounds after he is savagely beaten by John. They work together at milking and whin-burning.


Will is intelligent and loves language. He is moved by the beauty of the word Jehovah which leads to him being struck by his father when he innocently says it to his horse.


After Jean's death, he stands up to the bullying of his father. When John reprimands him for whistling, Will laughs as a man at a girning bairn. Will ignores the claiks of Kinraddie as he conducts his courtship of Mollie Douglas.

When John calls Mollie an orra tink bitch and enlists the help of the minister Mr Gibbon in trying to persuade Will to end his relationship, Will responds by leaving Blawearie for good, a move that might be seen as selfish, as Chris is left alone with her father.