Ethical and environmental

Businesses being eco-friendly - video conference instead of travel to meeting, minimise packaging, using renewable energy

All businesses must be socially responsible and adhere to government guidelines on how they can operate in terms of their effect on the environment and disposal of waste.

There are many ways a business can operate ethically and environmentally:

  • Renewable energy- solar panels or wind turbines could be used to help generate some of the electricity used in the production of products. This would reduce carbon energy consumption and in turn reduce energy costs incurred by the business.
  • Reduce energy consumption- special controls can be fitted to lights and machinery so they automatically switch off when not in use. This would reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce transport- reducing transport requirements will reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation and will reduce pollution.
  • Recycling- using recycled packaging or recycling waste products would mean that an organisation may reduce production costs and meet their environmental aims. This would also reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill sites.