Ratio in context - OCR


What is the ratio of red, blue and black marbles?

5 red, 5 black and 3 blue marbles


How can you simplify the ratio 8:32?


How can you simplify the ratio 2:3.6 so that it does not involve decimals?


How can you simplify the ratio \frac{2}{3}:\frac{3}{4}?


Purple paint is made by mixing red and blue paint in the ratio 2:3. If 15 litres of blue paint is used, how much red paint will be needed?


The ratio of boys to girls in a class is exactly 4 : 5. Could there be 31 pupils in the class?


Two sisters share pocket money in the ratio of their ages. The first girl is 5 and the second girl is 7. The girls are given £36 between them. How much money does the younger girl receive?


Three men receive an overtime bonus of £100 to share between them in the ratio 12:18:30. How much does each man get?


A map has a scale where 1 cm represents 5 km. The distance between two towns is 95 km. What distance would this be on the map?


A floor plan of a house is drawn using the scale of 2 cm : 1.5 m. In the floor plan the length of one of the walls is shown as 15 cm. How long is the actual wall?