My job


When is Maria busiest?

Thursday afternoon/evening and weekends.

When comparing things, we use the word as before the adjective. 'Busiest' would be as trainge.


What does she say about the pay?

It's not very good.

Pàigheadh is the Gaelic for 'pay'. It sounds like the English word, so is an easy one to remember.


How does Maria feel about her pay?

She doesn't really care about the pay.

Tha mi coma means 'I don't care'.


What does Maria say is the best thing about her job?

She gets to meet new people.

A' coinneachadh means 'meeting', eg Tha mi a' coinneachadh ri Emma means 'I'm meeting Emma'.


What perk of the job does Maria tell us about?

She gets to travel around Europe.

An Roinn Eòrpa is the Gaelic for 'Europe'. There is a Gaelic TV series called Eòrpa which reports on political stories across Europe.


Where did she live for three years?


An Ostair is the Gaelic for 'Austria'. The names of some countries sound like English.


When will Maria be back on the programme?

Maria will be back on the programme tomorrow.

Bidh mi air ais a-màireach. A-màireach means 'tomorrow'.