My job

Maria has been asked to do a radio interview to talk about her job.

A girl saying ''Feumaidh mi èirigh aig cairteal an dèidh sia sa mhadainn."Illustration of a girl saying "Feumaidh mi èirigh aig cairteal an dèidh sia sa mhadainn."

Listen to what Maria says and answer the questions which follow. You can look at the transcript or vocabulary list if you think you need to.


What does Maria thank them for?

Inviting her onto the programme.

Cuireadh is the Gaelic word for 'invitation'.


What job does Maria do?

Maria is a skiing instructor.

We use neach-teagaisg for a 'teacher' or 'instructor'.


What time does Maria have to get up?


Cairteal is the Gaelic for 'quarter' - we use it when telling the time.


What comment does she make about getting up?

She says she'd rather be in bed.

B' fheàrr leam is the past tense of 'S fheàrr leam, meaning 'I would prefer'.


What time does she start work?


A' tòiseachadh means 'starting'.


What additional information does she give about her shift pattern?

She works late three nights a week.

Anmoch is the Gaelic for 'late'. However, for 'running late', we say fadalach.