Respectful debate

It’s normal to interrupt occasionally in a discussion, but this should not be done too often. You should try to avoid talking over others. Even if you think other people are wrong you should value their contribution. To do this, you can use expressions like 'I can see your point but...' and 'I'm not sure I agree because...'.

You should also think about the kind of language you are using. You might speak differently with a group of friends than you would when discussing with teachers or parents.

Watch the following clip in which animated cartoon characters discuss arguments for and against school uniform. Notice how they give examples to support their points, build on each other’s points and respectfully challenge ideas they don’t agree with.

Arguments for and against school uniform

Speak clearly and audibly

The other people in the group need to be able to hear you and understand what you are saying. You should avoid mumbling or looking downwards when talking. Try to look up and use a voice that will carry across the group but you should not be shouting.