Working life

Work plays a large part in the lives of characters in Tally’s Blood. Their attitudes to work help define the characters and our views of them.

Many of the characters work hard and this is shown as positive.

  • Massimo works long hours in the shop. He is shown sweeping up, battering fish, and thinks about fixing the shop up while he is held prisoner during the war
  • Rosinella works hard for her family – she is shown making a pizza, ironing, making Lucia’s dress
  • Hughie works hard in the shop too – Hughie in and out in background with trays from front shop: then with brush and shovel, then mop and pail: working hard.
  • Adam Devlin dies in a pit explosion – his work literally kills him

When Lucia and Hughie act out a classroom scene, there is a clear suggestion that children like Lucia might miss out on school work as they are helping in family businesses –

Sure you weren’t too busy serving the shop?

In contrast, Luigi is presented as lazy – he takes advantage of Massimo and wants to use Lucia to support his family.

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