Tally's Blood is based on rounded characters. Their relationships drive the action and love - both romantic and family love - plays a key part in defining these relationships.

Romantic love

We see romantic love between:

  • Massimo and Rosinella
  • Bridget and Franco
  • Hughie and Lucia

Massimo openly shows his love for Rosinella at the start of the play. When Massimo realises Rosinella has spent money on her family rather than herself, the stage directions tell us that he

smiles with great affection, squeezes her cheek between his thumb and forefinger.

This demonstrates his love for her. Although Rosinella’s actions cause a rift in their relationship, Massimo’s love for her continues.

At the end of the play, Massimo says:

That’s ma heart, Rosie. And he’s beating just for you.

We know that Rosinella loves Massimo because she defied her father in order to marry him. However, she does not express her love openly like Massimo.

Bridget and Franco

Bridget and Franco are passionately in love. Due to family constraints, they carry out their relationship in secret. Although Franco is clearly popular with women, he is loyal and respectful of Bridget. When they do engage in a physical relationship he is keen to make sure she is comfortable with it and says I wouldn’t want you to regret it. Despite Rosinella discouraging Bridget, she tells her But I love Franco, Mrs Pedreschi. I need him. Bridget’s love for Franco is unwavering even after his death.

Hughie and Lucia

At the start of the play, Lucia and Hughie have a childish dislike for one another. When Hughie offers her a drink she turns away in disgust.

Their childish dislike blossoms into friendship as the play progresses. To symbolise their everlasting friendship, Lucia and Hughie drink from the same ginger bottle and become ginger-sister and ginger-brother.

This friendship progresses to love by the end of the play. Hughie's romantic nature and love for Lucia is evident when he says:

we want to be together forever, our hearts united – like two lovebirds, up a tree in spring.

Hughie gets his wish at the end of the play when he and Lucia escape up a tree to spend the night together.