Group discussion

A group discussion is a valuable opportunity to share ideas and express your opinion with other members of your class. For a group discussion to be useful, it’s important to listen carefully to others and respond to their opinions.

Discussion skills – preparing to discuss

Having a discussion with a group of classmates in a more formal setting is different from the ordinary type of conversations you probably have with your friends on a daily basis. For example, when you talk with a group of friends there are probably times when you all talk at once, or disagree with one another without properly listening to what the other person has to say.

The following lists; 'Things to do' and 'Things not to do' should help you to approach your discussion in the most productive way possible.

  • Do speak clearly and with expression. Have confidence in your ideas.
  • Do listen carefully to the opinion of others.
  • Do show you have listened to the opinion of others by commenting on what they have said.
  • Avoid interrupting someone else when they are giving their opinion.
  • Try not to talk over the top of anyone else. Wait until they have finished speaking before you begin to talk.
An illustration of three students participating in a group discussion around magazines and newspapers placed on a round table.