Practical questions

You will complete 12 required Specified Practical Activities if you are studying GCSE Chemistry, and 27 if you are studying GCSE Combined Science (nine of these are in Chemistry). These help you develop some key practical techniques in Chemistry.

You could be asked questions about the apparatus, methods, safety precautions, results, analysis and evaluation of these experiments.

There are no Specified Practical Activities in the 'Bonding, structure and properties' section.

Sample question 1


A student tests solutions of ionic and covalent compounds to find out which conduct electricity.

She uses the apparatus below:

  • electrical power pack
  • leads and crocodile clips
  • graphite electrode
  • solutions of copper sulfate, sodium chloride and sugar

Figure 1 shows the hazard symbol on the container of copper sulfate solution.

Figure 1

Symbol for a moderate hazard

Complete the table below. [3 marks]

HazardPossible harmPossible precautions
Electric supply
Copper sulfate solutionCauses skin irriation

This question has been written by a Bitesize consultant as a suggestion to the type of question that may appear in an exam paper.

HazardPossible harmPossible precautions
Electric supplyElectric shock [1]Switch off before handling apparatus [1]
Copper sulfate solutionCauses skin irriationAvoid getting on skin/wear gloves [1]