Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are questions where you will be asked to choose a correct answer from the options given on the question paper. Typically, a multiple choice question will ask you to "Give the letter..." or "Give the number..." that matches your choice, although some multiple choice questions may ask you to tick a box.

Multiple choice questions can appear throughout exam papers, but are asked more often in foundation tier papers than in higher tier.

There are usually four options to choose from in a multiple choice question. You must only choose one of these options. You will not get a mark if you choose more than one option.

Questions courtesy of Eduqas.

Sample question 1 - Foundation


Ammonia, NH3, is a compound that contains the elements nitrogen and hydrogen. The electronic structure for each element is given below.

N = 2, 5

H = 2, 1

State which of the following dot and cross diagrams represents the bonding in a molecule of ammonia. [1 mark]

Three dot and cross diagrams

B [1]

Sample question 2 - Foundation


The following diagrams show the structures of some substances.

Four structures of substances

Give the letter of the structure that represents diamond. [1 mark]

C [1]