Forming questions

To ask a question in German, just swap the verb and the subject round, eg:

  • Du isst. – You eat/You are eating.
  • Isst du? – Do you eat?/Are you eating?
  • Sie fahren rechts. – They drive on the right.
  • Fahren sie rechts? – Do they drive on the right?
  • Deine Freunde kommen zur Party. – Your friends are coming to the party.
  • Kommen deine Freunde zur Party? – Are your friends coming to the party?
Be careful not to mix up er isst (he eats) or sie isst (she eats) with er ist (he is) or sie ist (she is). They sound the same, but are spelt differently. Think about the context when you hear it being used to work out the meaning.

Practise these strong verbs by translating these phrases:

  • she forgets (vergessen – to forget – goes like essen)
  • he travels (fahren)
  • you wear (singular, informal) – (tragen – to wear – like fahren)
  • I see (sehen)
  • he washes (waschen – to wash – like fahren)
  • Are you reading, granny? (lesen)
  • sie vergisst
  • er fährt
  • du trägst
  • ich sehe
  • er wäscht
  • Liest du, Oma?