An example of data logging

This experiment determines the rate at which water cools down from boiling point.

  1. A temperature sensor is placed in the liquid.
  2. The sensor is connected to an interface box linked to the computer.
  3. The data loggingsoftware is set to take readings every 30 seconds (time interval) for 25 minutes (logging period).
Water boiling experiment using a computer interface to log resultsAn experiment to record water cooling
Graph containing cooling curve resultsCooling curve - an example of a graph created by data logging

The data logging software will typically store the readings in a table. The data can later be analysed using graph tools.

A graph which could be used in this experiment is a cooling curve graph. This graph would have time running along the X axis and temperature along the Y axis. A curve would be drawn to represent the rate at which the water cooled.