Preposition - En

En is used to mean ‘in’ or ‘to’ with feminine countries, eg la France/l’Italie. Here are some examples:

  • on va en France la semaine prochaine- we’re going to France next week
  • nous sommes restés en Italie pendant trois jours - we stayed in Italy for three days

En is also used to mean ‘in’ with expressions of time (months/year and seasons). For example:

  • en novembre/en juin - in November/in June
  • il est né en 2014 - he was born in 2014
  • en été/automne/hiver - in summer/autumn/winter

En is used to mean ‘by’ with most modes of transport:

  • il a fait le voyage jusqu’ici en car - he travelled all the way here by coach
  • on est arrivés en taxi - we arrived by taxi
  • je pars aux Pays-Bas en avion - I’m going to the Netherlands by plane

En is used with materials to mean ‘made out of’ :

  • j’ai acheté un pull en laine - I bought a jumper made of wool
  • c’est une bague en or - it’s a gold ring
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