The cave at the Black Jaws

Gideon claims that he was rescued and nursed back to health by the Devil in a massive cave on the Keldo River.

Magical and otherworldly

Underground waterfall in a cave

Gideon’s description of the cave makes it seem magical and otherworldly. It is totally unlike what we may expect the Devil’s home to look like.

We are told that the cave is incredibly huge, deep and cavernous and Gideon cannot believe that it has never been discovered before. At the centre of the cave there is a bright fire burning and food cooking on a spit. Strangely, the dwelling looked like a junkyard, with old-fashioned and battered and dirty furniture and ramshackle household implements surrounding the fire. There is no sign of the opulence, wealth or splendour we might expect to find.

As with the Devil's tatty trainers, the description of the Devil's home suggests someone who has fallen on hard times.


Deep in the cave, Gideon is able to see a distant, red light and he walks for hours trying to find the source:

down into the bowels of the earth

Eventually, he comes to a bulging hatch which emits intense light and terrible pounding. Gideon is convinced that this is an entrance to Hell, and certainly it suggests a place that is much more like traditional imagery of flames, heat and suffering.

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