The Keldo Woods

Myth and legend

Mystical looking Crathes Woods in the grounds of Crathes Castle

James Robertson draws upon Scottish folklore in his depiction of the area surrounding Monimaskit, particularly in the way Keldo Woods is described as being steeped in myth and legend.

Keldo Woods is where Gideon goes running in order to clear his mind of work. It is depicted as being a place of solitude and silence, where Gideon can be alone with his own thoughts.

It is in this forest that Gideon first discovers the mysterious pagan standing stone and it is to here that he regularly returns in order to be in its presence. It seems that it is usually misty, full of gloom and getting dark when Gideon returns to see the stone.

Gideon acknowledges the supernatural atmosphere in the woods. On one occasion, the forest makes him think:

of all those ancient stories that had their dark souls located in woods

He believes that he can almost hear them whispering at me from the shadows