Stanza four

In stark contrast to the pleasing imagery and mood of the opening stanza, the final verse is utterly bleak as the speaker reaches his conclusion.

The sensory focus of the poem moves from sound to touch as he equates the effect of the parting to immersing a hand into freezing water.

This is effective in describing the initial jarring pain of this experience and the subsequent feeling of numbness it is replaced with.

This is a paradox since the hand is a part of the body we most associate with touch, yet the effect of touching the ice cold water renders him unable to feel.

In this way then, he conveys the emotional pain that still lies, like the hand, beneath the surface even if he is numb to it at the moment.

The metaphor of the bangle of ice also helps to capture and describe the intensity of the raw and painful sense of loss experienced in the initial aftermath of a break-up.

The poem ends with the realisation this experience has affected more than just his pride and he has suffered a profound loss.