Reforms to help the elderly

Old Age Pension Act 1908

The successes of this were:

  • people over 70 with an annual income of £21 to £31 would receive a pension (1 to 5 shillings per week)
  • by 1914, 1 million people were receiving a pension

The limitations of this were:

  • many pensioners had no birth certificate to prove their age
  • those who earned over £31 did not receive anything
  • the pension was not enough to survive on as it was below the poverty line established by Booth and Rowntree
  • many died from hardship before they reached 70 years of age

Pensions were only provided if people:

  • were British and had lived in the UK for 20 years
  • had not been imprisoned in the last ten years
  • had not avoided work
  • had avoided detention under the Inebriates Act in the last ten years