Still image

This is a frozen picture which communicates meaning. It’s sometimes called a freeze frame or tableau. It can provide insight into character relationships with a clear focus upon use of space, levels, body language and facial expression.

Still images can be used in a variety of ways. During a long speech they might be used to punctuate the words with clear imagery, making the drama onstage more interesting by adding a visual dimension to the work. They can also be used for marking the moment to explore a key moment in time.

You could use still images to create a photo album as an insight into a character’s past life and relationships. It would be possible to use them to break down a complicated plot into clear snapshots of its key moments in development. Still image is also a useful way to storyboard early devised work.

Still images can be naturalistic, a photograph of an important moment or abstract, more representational of feelings or an event.

A picture paints a thousand words. Condensing emotions, events or relationships into an image is an excellent way of ensuring these are communicated in a detailed and effective way.