Using explorative strategies

An explorative strategy is a technique to explore and deepen understanding of the drama you create. Using a range of explorative strategies in the rehearsal room gives you a box of tricks to experiment with. Having a range of ideas at your disposal moves the work forwards and prevents you from becoming stuck.

Role play

This is the act of pretending to be somebody else, of taking on a role. The role may be from a script or a character you have created. Thinking, acting and even feeling differently to your ordinary self can help you empathise with that person and better understand an issue or theme.

This explorative strategy would be effective if you were using the work of Konstantin Stanislavski as your chosen style. He took the approach that the actor should inhabit the role that they’re playing. The actor shouldn’t only know what lines they need to say and the motivation for those lines, but should also know every detail of that character’s life offstage as well as onstage.

You could use a role on the wall diagram to help you. Divide an outline of a person in two from top to bottom. Write down what the character thinks and feels on one side and what other characters think and feel about your character on the other side. You can also include factual information about the role you are playing around the outside of the figure. This will help you understand your character better.

A gingerbread figure, to show a technique called "Role on the Wall"