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Was the Treaty of Versailles fair?

The opinion of Britain and France was that, as Germany had lost the war, it was not for them to have a say in what happened next. The treaty was about punishing Germany and restoring peace to the world. However, some, particularly within Germany, felt that it was unfair to impose sanctions and demands on a country without any form of discussion with them. Could Britain, France and the USA have negotiated with the Germans now that the war was over?


What was the most significant factor in causing the Second World War?

Many historians blame the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles on the outbreak of the Second World War. They, like Germany at the time, think that it made Germany so angry that they would always fight again when they got the chance.

Other historians think that, had the Treaty of Versailles been stuck to, World War Two would never have happened. The terms of the treaty made it impossible for Germany to be strong enough to fight a war. It was the policy of appeasement, which allowed Germany to increase the size of its army and invade Czechoslovakia, that made World War Two possible.

There are others who claim that it was merely more international conflict and the plans of Hitler.

Based on the information you have, what is your opinion? Whichever interpretation you believe, it is clear that the events of World War One were very significant in the causes of World War Two.