What was to be included in the Treaty?

Signitures on a piece of paper.
Treaty signatures

Wilson came up with fourteen points which he believed would help keep the peace. Some of the main points were:

  • ban secret treaties
  • all countries reduce weapons and armies
  • one country should not govern another
  • all countries should join a group called the League of Nations to discuss and resolve any problems

After much discussion, the leaders came up with many terms. Some of them are as follows:


  • Alsace-Lorraine would be taken away from Germany and given to France.
  • West Prussia would be taken from Germany and given to Poland creating the 'Polish corridor'.
  • The people of Danzig would be allowed to vote on whether they wanted to stay with Germany or re-join Poland.
  • Germany was not allowed to unite with Austria.
  • The Sudetenland was given to Czechoslovakia.


  • Germany had to reduce its army to 100,000 soldiers.
  • Germany was banned from developing tanks and having an airforce.
  • Germany was allowed to have only 6 naval ships and no submarines.


  • Germany had to pay 269 billion gold marks in war reparations. (They only finished paying this off in 2010).


  • Clause 231 said that Germany had to take all responsibility for the war. Because Germany had caused the war to begin in the first place, it had to admit ‘War Guilt’ for all the damage and destruction of the war. This angered Germans who did not believe that every bad thing that happened in the war was down to them.
  • The League of Nations was set up but the USA, who had introduced the idea, did not join.

Details of the land settlement in the Treaty of Versailles