Other characters


Luigi, is Lucia’s father. He gives her up to Massimo and Rosinella when he is widowed. We feel sympathy for Luigi but this quickly diminishes as the play progresses.

Soon he remarries and starts a new family in Italy. There is no indication that Luigi accepts responsibility for Lucia when she is a child.

Luigi has some key character traits:

  • Selfish - He exploits his war torn village in order to gain sympathy and possessions from Massimo.
  • Lazy. While Lucia clears things from the table Luigi does not lift a finger to help
  • Traditional. He attempts to impose traditional Italian ways on Lucia (an arranged marriage that will bring his family more land, a life of carrying out household tasks) and this threatens the romance between Lucia and Hughie.

Ironically, Luigi’s scheming and lazy character personifies the traits Rosinella complains about in Scottish people.

Stasio Pedreschi, Massimo’s father

Although never seen, it is clear that ‘Daddy’ Pedreschi holds the position of head of the family. He is obviously not pleased that Massimo has set up his own shop. Franco feels the need to hide what he is doing from him – asking Massimo and Rosinella to cover for him when he is out with Bridget.

Everyone is expected to look after and serve him – so when Franco goes off to war, he tells Rosinella to keep cutting his toenails.

Massimo’s monologue presents his father in a very different light. He comes across as a small - He was that wee looking and scared old man -

I can still feel his nails digging into me, he was holding on that tight

Stasio represents traditional Italian values – the old ways that Franco in particular, but also Lucia, Massimo and Rosinella react against and develop away from.

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