Lucia shows many of the same character traits as Rosinella. She is:

  • Spoiled
  • Manipulative


As a child, Lucia shows herself to be spoiled. Massimo and Rosinella fuss over her. He even kisses her shoes while she preens in her new dress.

Lucia is used to being the centre of attention and having her own way. This makes her stubborn.

She refuses to remove her dress and cries until she gets what she wants.

When picked on by her teacher she refuses to speak English.

She is initially argumentative with Hughie. Is she threatened that he has strayed into her family and is drinking her uncle's (and therefore her) ginger?

Lucia is also bossy. She puts Hughie in his place, especially when they act out being in class. Lucia is the teacher even though she got going the teacher last time.


Though Lucia cries when told to take the dress off, her tears quickly dry. Lucia controls her sobs (she's won).

She later tells Hughie I can cry whenever I like. Throughout the play she uses this skill to manipulate others.

However, when Hughie's father dies, she uses this very skill in a positive way - weeping alongside Hughie, helping him to express his grief.