Frankenstein - Characters overview

Many of the key characters in the novel are part of the Frankenstein family or connected to the family in some way. This contrasts with the Monster who has no natural family or friends and whose horrific appearance makes it difficult to form any sort of relationship.

Main characters

  • Victor Frankenstein
  • The Monster

Secondary characters

  • Robert Walton
  • Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Henry Clerval

Minor characters

  • Alphonse Frankenstein (Victor's father)
  • Caroline Beaufort/Frankenstein (Victor's mother)
  • Ernest Frankenstein (Victor's younger brother)
  • William Frankenstein (Victor's youngest brother)
  • Justine Moritz
  • Professor Kempe
  • Professor Waldman
  • The De Lacey Family and Safie
  • Mr Kirwin

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