Structuring an essay – Writing the conclusion

To conclude, sum up the points you have made so far. Finally, write a single sentence which answers the question again – it will be quite like your opening sentence, but don’t repeat the same words.


If the question is:

How does Charlie Brooker use language to persuade us of his point of view?

The conclusion could be:

Brooker uses a style of writing that encourages the reader to agree with his viewpoint towards the television show ‘Masterchef.’ He effectively achieves this through his use of persuasive language and anecdotal, informal tone to convey his views. The writer appears to have written the article not only to share his opinion of the television programme, but to cause the reader to question the overbearing presence of shows such as ‘Masterchef’ directing the television schedule, ‘dictating the climate’ causes the reader to consider whether the television programme is being forced upon the viewer rather than being provided in response to viewer demand. Brooker is clearly writing to evoke a strong reaction in his reader by highlighting the possibility that they themselves could be being manipulated.

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