Plot in depth

The Black, Black Oil

A stag

The play culminates with a look at the recent discovery of oil in the North Sea.

In this section the British Government is held to account for seemingly selling the Highlands out yet again.

The play considers how rich oil tycoons from abroad have been allowed to capitalise on this important natural resource, at an unreasonably low price.

Profits from oil is linked to an increasing number of private businesses buying up land in Northern Scotland. Attempts to prevent this are held up as ineffective - they only change which companies profit without benefitting ordinary people.

The conclusion of the play casts a glance into the future to consider what, if anything, will change for the people of the Highlands.

A scene with a crofter and his wife, characters who are being forced to leave the Highlands because of extortionate rent prices, is included to show how history will continue to repeat itself unless change is forced.

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