Detailed plot summary - Part two

Ed finds Christopher's note book and hides it

Ed then finds Christopher's note book in which he has been recording his investigations. This makes him very angry - in the argument that follows, he hits Christopher, takes the note book from him and hides it.

Christopher discovers the truth about his mother

Photo from a stage production of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time with Christopher Boone surrounded by the ensemble cast with letters
Credit: Brinkoff/Mögenberg
Christopher finds letters from his mum (from a recent UK tour of Gielgud Theatre production)

Whilst looking for his notebook, Christopher discovers a number of letters sent by his mother. The letters tell her side of the story, how she fell in love with Mr Shears and how she felt she was not very good at looking after Christopher. As a result, she went to live in London with Mr Shears. Worst of all, Christopher finds out that his father stopped her from saying goodbye. This makes Christopher break down in tears.

Ed confesses and Christopher decides to leave

Ed finds Christopher and explains how after his wife, Judy, left, he became close to Mrs Shears and began a romantic relationship with her. This did not work out and after a bad argument, he killed Mrs Shears' dog, Wellington. Christopher decides he cannot trust his father and goes by himself to London to live with his mother.