Detailed plot summary

Christopher finds the dead dog and gets arrested

We first meet Christopher, the protagonist of the play, standing by a dead dog called Wellington. The owner of the dog, Christopher's neighbour Mrs Shears, is also at the scene, she is very distressed. The police arrive and question Christopher's involvement in the murder of the dog. The questioning upsets him and he ends up hitting a police officer. Christopher is arrested.

Photo from a stage production of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time with Christopher Boone laying on an outline of dog
Credit: Brinkoff/Mögenberg
Christopher from a recent UK tour of Gielgud Theatre production

Christopher investigates the murder of the dog

Christopher is given a caution by the police and his father, Ed, takes him home and warns him to stay out of other peoples' business. We learn that two years earlier Christopher's mother, Judy, died of a heart attack. Despite the warning from his father, Christopher decides to continue investigating the death of Wellington. We also learn that Christopher is planning on taking his A-level Maths exam in the near future.

Christopher meets Mrs Alexander

While questioning the local residents, Christopher meets elderly Mrs Alexander. She reveals to him that his mother was having an affair with Roger (Mr Shears). Christopher does not understand this. She is surprised that Christopher talks about his mother going into hospital.