Films and TV

When you discuss films and television, it's useful to know the German words for different types of programmes and film categories. Many of them are easy to recognise as they are very similar to the English – these are known as cognates.

Types of films

Four television screens each showing a different genre of films, namely war films, romantic films, action films and science fiction films.

Hilfsvokabeln– Helpful vocabulary

Actionfilme – action films
Beziehungskomödien – rom-coms
Dokumentarfilme – documentary films
Dramen – dramas
Horrorfilme – horror films
Komödien – comedies
Kriegsfilme – war films
Krimis – crime dramas
romantische Filme – romantic films
Science-Fiction-Filme – science fiction films
Zeichentrickfilme – cartoon films

Here are some ways of expressing opinions about films:

Ich sehe gern romantische Filme. – I like watching romantic films.
Sie sieht nicht gern Kriegsfilme. – She doesn’t like watching war films.
Wir sehen lieber Horrorfilme. – We prefer watching horror films.
Sie sehen am liebsten Zeichentrickfilme. – They like watching cartoon films best of all.