Computer devices

The invention of the computer has had a huge impact on our day-to-day lives, and they are now present everywhere – at home, at work and in education.

It is easy to recognise that personal computers, laptops and mobile devices are computers, but computers are also hidden in many more devices. Computers are found in many of the devices we use on a daily basis. Because they are relied on so heavily, knowing what they are and how to use them is valuable.

Input devices

An input device is any piece of computer hardware used to provide data to a computer system. Examples include:

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • scanner
  • digital camera
  • webcam

Output devices

An output device is any piece of computer hardware used to communicate the results of data that has been processed. Examples include:

  • monitor
  • printer
  • speaker
  • headphones

Storage devices

A storage device is a piece of computer equipment which can be used to store data. Examples include:

  • hard disk drive
  • DVD drive
  • USB stick