Land use in LEDCs

Although every LEDC city has its own characteristics, models can be used to illustrate a typical one.

Illustration showing the different types of land use in an LEDCLEDC city plan

  • CBD: Offices, shops and traffic.
  • Inner City: Expensive modern flats with modern amenities. Modern factories along main road.
  • Suburban, high cost: High cost housing
  • Permanent, low cost: Poor quality, but permanent housing. Small low cost government housing schemes.
  • Temporary housing: Poor quality housing (slums and favelas).

Both MEDC and LEDC cities have a CBD - often the oldest part of the city.

In LEDCs the poorest housing is found on the edge of the city - in contrast to MEDC cities whose suburban fringe is very often a place of high quality housing.

The areas of poor quality housing found on the edge of cities in LEDCs are called squatter settlements or shanty towns.