Collecting data for physical tactics and composition

Match analysis

This allows observation to be carried out over (at least) one full competitive match against opponents of a similar ability. The match analysis sheet can be designed to analyse a particular strategy. For example, a fast break or netball centre pass.

Example of a Match Analysis

Match analysis - Criteria Centre passes received, Possession given away, Foot fault, Obstruction, interceptions, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter


How could you ensure accuracy and reliable results in an observation schedule and match analysis?

By recording the performance and then completing the observation schedule or match analysis the results are likely to be more accurate and:

  • you will be able to concentrate on your performance with a clear head
  • it will be possible to pause, rewind or slow motion the footage and view it many times
  • you will be able to check and discuss with a teacher/coach
  • it will be easier to compare different performances and look for improvements