Sites of gamete production in flowering plants

Sexual reproduction in plants

In flowering plants, male and female reproductive structures can be found in the same individual plant. The organ of a sexual reproduction is the flower.

The component parts of plant that allow reproduction: petal, anther, stamen, filament, stigma, ovary, ovule, nectary and sepal.

Table of flower parts and their function
SepalsProtect the unopened flower bud
PetalsMay be brightly coloured to attract insects
StamensThe male parts of the flower consisting of the anther held up on the filament
AnthersProduce male gametes (in pollen grains)
StigmaThe top of the female part of the flower which collects pollen grains
OvaryThe bottom of the female part of the flower - produces the female gametes (ovules)
NectaryMay be present to produce sugary nectar to attract insects