Methods of control


The Nazi state intimidated and terrorised those who were opposed to it, using:

  • SS and Gestapo investigations.
  • Blockleiters in each block of flats and street informed on 'grumblers'.
  • Arrests of thousands of people terrified opponents.
  • Set up Nazi people's courts.
  • Concentration camps.


The Propaganda Ministry worked hard to ensure that people were persuaded to adopt the Nazi point of view:

  • Mass rallies at Nuremberg.
  • Newspapers were censored.
  • People's radios were sold very cheaply, but broadcasts were controlled.
  • Films were controlled to make films that glorified war and pilloried the Jews.
  • Loudspeakers in public places blared out Nazi propaganda.
  • Cult of personality - Hitler's picture was everywhere, and he was portrayed as Germany's saviour.